The Theatre Space: Chamber Art drama

Chamber art in dance, music and drama has a long and rich tradition which has surfaced as recently as the late 20th century in Bosnia, Russia, and in Eastern Europe, 19th century in America, as well as, in the 1st century Greek-Roman world. In a unique mixture of fine art and an intimate environment, it has served as a protest against the exclusiveness of aristocratic art venues by making art available to ‘every man’ in his own home. It has also been a protector of ethnic cultural inheritances in danger of being wiped out by oppressive, authoritarian governments. As a creative voice for artists who choose to interact in a more intimate way with their audiences, chamber art has found new interest in the 21st century which is all too alienated from its own humanity by the electronic and ‘distanced’ manner of both learning and communication.



Bring art to the people. By hosting a Chamber Art Action event in your own home or community center, one can do just that. It’s also a perfect way to establish new relationships and deepen old ones. All it takes is a willingness to invite your friends, neighbors, work colleagues, your child’s teacher, new friends, etc. for an enriching evening of theatre and friendship. Space required is listed under the play description as is the running time. After the dramatic inspiration there’s plenty of time for wonderful conversation and dialogue (and perhaps a few munchies). All performances are performed on a donation basis which supports Belleherst’s mission.


Chamber Art performances can be booked using your own living space or community space by simply emailing your request of date and production to Belleherst at Procedural information and assistance or advise with planning is always available. Need a personal phone contact? Just email a request for one.