Candles in the Window

We had the immense priviledge to see Agnes Von Below and Kathleen Thompson in  ‘Candles in the Windows” recently, and just wanted to contact them and let them know how very exciting – and historically valuable – their performances were! We did not know what to expect, but were absolutely thrilled with the story and their spectaacular performances. Thank you so much!

Bob and Judi Denton, CAA, Oakland, CA, 2011



The Belle of Amherst

An actress capable of becoming Emily Dickinson for two hours must not be over-looked. The piece is designed as a toured force for an actress able to conceal its flaws while exploiting its possibilities. This Thompson has done…

Whelton Jones, San Diego Tribune

Your performance of ‘The Belle of Amherst’ was a wonderful contribution to the success of our program… the audience was completely enthralled with your performance.

Candace Bott, Assistant Curator, La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art,1984

See Me! Hear Me!

I just wanted to thank you again for your very powerful presentation yesterday. You have certainly planted a seed for many of us here at Sturgeon Bay High School.

Sturgeon Bay High School Oct. 3, 2011 –Jennifer O’Handley

I thought that Kathleen did an excellent job of condensing tons of material into a 45-minute presentation.Kathleen has an incredible vocabulary, and at times I felt her choice of words were above the understanding level of a freshman. However, in each situation, she re-explained using other language.

Robert Nickel, Principal,2011

See Me! Hear Me! Is engaging from beginning to end. It is a creative and high quality story that informs and inspires one to compassion and action.

Ashley Byrd, Veritas Forum Regional Director,2010

On behalf of David Batstone and the whole Not For Sale team here in San Diego, we’d just like to thank you again for inviting us to speak and present last night. Your performance was outstanding, definitely shining the light of Christ into this dark issue.

Becky Priest, Not for Sale Campaign, 2010

Your presentation was phenomenal and moved us to action.

Randal Ong, Assoc. Pastor SEQUOIAH Community Church

King of Narnia

I cried like a beaver…because the story in your interpretation moved me more than the book…here understanding came through your acting skills, lights, colors, movement and… incredible possibilities hidden in a human body…when Aslan was dying on the Stone Table my 6-year old son asked “Aslan is like Lord Jesus, isn’t he, Mummy, isn’t he?”
Sto Pociech, Dominican Church, Warsaw

Thirty Years in a Basket

Kathleen Thompson has poured her heart and soul into this one-woman show, and we’re all the richer for having spent time in her presence. An autobiographical romp through passages in Thompson’s life, her tales are by turns touching and humorous.

Andrew Burnet, The Scotsman 2006

This performance sees some tremendous character-acting from Kathleen Ann Thompson who embodies the various people who populate her life, making it exceptionally moving and truly convincing…… ……and the dramatic excellence of this performer.

Three Weeks, 2006

The magic started when the universal language of music and dance broke the barriers, real and perceived, her true soul came through in direct communion with local people with the same enthusiasm and passions. It made me smile, not just on my face but inwardly. And there’s a nice surprise for the audience at the end.

Fringe Reviews, 2006

Gestures of the Soul

Your solo dramatic piece, ‘Gestures of the Soul’, was exceptionally well received. You have developed quite a San Diego following and express enthusiasm and appreciation for your unique and highly creative genre of theatre.

Candace Bott, Assistant Curator, La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art,1984

As one captivated observer of your performance, I saw an intensely captivated group of young people. It is not often that we are privileged to receive such a creative and entertaining performer as yourself who can treat such a relevant message with both sensitivity and conviction.

Dr. Otto Mower, Head of Upper School, The Bishop’s School, 1987

Whose Happy Now?

Kathleen Thompson displays desperate, rawboned splendor…

San Diego Union, 1981

Candles in the Window

This is a thought-provoking play by Kathleen Ann Thompson. Thompson herself gives a fine performance as the widow, brittle with grief and paralysed by despair, as does German actress Silke Schreiber-Voglemeir as the stolid but talkative maid.

Susan Mansfield, The Scotsman, 2005

Their story unfolds beautifully against the background of train arrivals and departures and the production also uses projections of photographs to shed light on the other characters. The theological content is obviously important. …two sharp performances and a careful picture of the war’s damage to both England and Germany make this a very interesting piece.

Three Weeks, 2005

The theology came alive in your play, through the acting, the script, and the whole production.

Dr.Eolene Boyd-Mac Millan, Cambridge University (Co-author of The Human Face of Church), 2005

It is tenderly acted and very moving.

Stephen Lovatt

Kerzen im Fenster

Bonhoeffers Leben als bewegendes Drama – Kathleen A. Thompson und Agnes von Below ringen auf der Bühne um ethisch-existentielle Probleme…… das feine Zusammenspiel der beiden Künstlerinnen…kann gar nicht genug gewürdigt werden.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 19.9.2006

Rund 130 Zuschauer verfolgten gebannt Schauspiel und Dialog im Stadthaus Neuenburg. Man hätte eine Stecknadel fallen hören können.

Badische Zeitung, 3.11.2006

…christliches Theater, nicht profitorientiert, den so ungewissen Zeitströmungen eher entgegengesetzt, dafür mit klarer Botschaft ausgestattet…

Potsdamer Neuste Nachrichten, 20.11.2006

Die Passion

Regisseurin Kathleen Thompson ging es darum, die Geschichte vom Leben Jesu moeglichst lebendig wiederzugeben. Dies gelingt ihr durch bewusste Schlichtheit der Inszenierung und Konzentration auf die emotionale Komponente des Erzaehlten.

Herrenberg, 1998

Eindrueckliches Passionsspiel –
Die Charaktere wurden so belebt, dass sie auf die heutige Zeit uebertragbar sind. Damit ermoeglichte das Passionsspiel dem Publikum einen neuen Zugang zu den Inhalten des Evangeliums.

Badische Zeitung 1



Gaslamp Quarter Theatre – San Diego, CA

Ms. Thompson brings a rare level of creativity and professionalism…she is capable of working well and producing a superior product with people at all levels of skill and development…

Kit Goldman, Managing Producer, Gaslamp Quarter Theatre

North Coast Repertory Theatre – Santa Fe, CA

Kathleen is smart as a whip who understand the demands of sound, lighting and staging… I have continually been impressed with her clarity of thought and her effective communication, as well as, her ability to work under somewhat stringent budgetary constraints.

Olive Blakistone, Artistic Director, North Coast Repertory Theatre

Billy Bishop Goes to War
The current Kathleen Thompson-directed production, however, works splendidly in the North coast Rep’s intimate playing space. …it has the virtue of offering a must-see performance… Kathleen Thompson’s direction is accomplished and more physically expressive.

Christopher Schneider, The La Jolla Light, 1985

Robert’s wonderful performance just adds to the credit due director Kathleen Thompson for giving the show such excellent fluidity and pace.

Don Braunagel, The Tribune

The praise continues for director, Thompson’s choreography…

Ann Kopecky, On Stage, 1985

…Kathleen Thompson, has done a commendable job of orchestrating the many moods of the show.

Jeff Smith, The Reader, 1985

What a marvelous theatrical entertainment. I laughed, I wept, I had a memorable experience viewing this unforgettable stage vehicle. Congratulations.

Bill Eaton, Old Globe Theatre



Thank you. This kind of ART moves layers of imagination… and the message causes me to look with new eyes.

Henryk Kolender, Wisla, Poland (July 2012)
This was so clear. Everyone, no matter what they believed, could understand it. We need more of this.

A viewer of Belleherst’s street drama, UPSIDE DOWN on the city square of Wisla, Poland (July 2012)



Kathleen Ann Thompson is one of God’s chosen artists who not only expresses her worship beautifully in dance, drama and music, but who involves others in worshiping along with her….her ministry has often moved entire congregations into higher expresions of worship…Her personal relationship with God is so sweetly evidenced that one is entirely unaware of an ego projection.

Judson Cornwall, Pastor, InternationalChristian author and speaker



Kathleen is extremely gifted. Her skills in vocal production are related to body management and breathing. Kathleen has also been the model for body alignment and breathing techniques. Kathleen is exceptionally gifted in working with people. This quality is due, above all, to her beautiful spiritual character.

Larra Browning Henderson, Adjunct Professor of Music, San Diego State University, 1989

Kathleen’s background is vast, particularly in the areas of acting and dance. All of her work is characterized by dramatic sensitivity and a solid understanding of the material. She knows how to make strong acting choices and is dynamic and focused onstage. She is equally skilled as a dancer. Kathleen is also a promising playwright.

James C. Christian, Director MFA in Musical Theatre, San Diego State University, 1985

Kathleen is a remarkable lady, mainly because she represents all the excellent things which go into making up an artist and a teacher: dedication to the art and/or the craft, amazing intelligence in her chosen area, and a sincere concern with whom she works. She certainly reflects an inner strength, a loving attitude toward those with whom she works, and a joy and happiness as she shares her wealth of knowledge.

Dr. Jay E. Fields, Associate Professor, San Diego State University, 1985

I am delighted to have Kathleen as a member of our drama faculty. She brings with her new challenges, new ideas and a marvelous sense of humor. She is a conscientious, innovative, dynamic individual. Her students are most fortunate to have, not only a well schooled and knowledgable instructor, but one who is caring and sincere.

Clark Mires, Chair, Department of Drama, Grossmont University, 1988

Kathleen has a comprehensive knowledge of the body and its adaption to alignment and movement…She has a marvelous ability to communicate with people of all ages.

Theodore R. Brunson, A Mus.D. Professor of Music, San Diego State University, 1986