Belleherst Production was founded in l982 in San Diego, California. In 2007 it was formed as a California non-profit corporation under the title, E. Belleherst, and operates under a DBA as Belleherst Productions.

Its vision is to educate, ennoble and inspire global communities across cultural barriers of ethnics, religion and age by using the theatrical arts as a cultural leveling ground.

Using the theatrical arts as a working medium, Belleherst develops mentoring programs for the youth in the arts. These programs inculcate an attitude of striving for excellence, as well as, challenge the moral imagination while promoting personal accountability.

Belleherst devises artistic productions and organizes forums which reach out into the public arenas of our world and address global questions of faith. Open forums connected with Belleherst’s productions encourage dialogues within diverse family and cultural traditions.

Belleherst supports and collaborates with other faith-based efforts which strengthen the moral infra-structure of communities. Belleherst actively networks in collaborative projects, awareness campaigns and financial and artistic assistance to artistic groups, especially youth groups which are dedicated to similar goals.

Belleherst is committed to expression of theatrical excellence with a unique informing capability which penetrates directly through the world’s communication barriers. Its supreme hope is that their contribution will inspire dialogue which will contribute toward the peaceful prosperity of our world.