Thank you. This kind of ART moves layers of imagination…
and the message causes me to look with new eyes.

Henryk Kolender, Wisla, Poland (July 2012)

Your presentation was phenomenal and moved us to action.
Randal Ong, Assoc. Pastor SEQUOIAH Community Church

I wanted to thank you for your very powerful presentation… an excellent job providing information on the issue and I appreciate the challenge to the young men to protect the young ladies of our school.
Robert Nickel, Principal, Sturgeon Bay High School
WI (September 2011)


3,200 students, 90,000 hours of instruction, 50 summer evangelistic shows, 52 major tour production, 27 chamber art drama, 275 open forums, 14 countries, 4 continents

Belleherst has been mentoring with innovation, informing with imagination,
and provoking people to action for thirty years.

As a nonprofit corporation, gifts from individuals, businesses, and foundations have been the means by which we are able to offer educational opportunities and inspired productions with no cost to our students or viewers in countries such as, Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Croatia, etc. and minimal fees in western countries. Belleherst’s staff is all volunteer workers, donating their skill, time and resources to carry out the mission of educating, inspiring and ennobling thousands of youth moving through our training programs, hundreds of performances every year in dozens of venues in schools, churches, cultural houses, street festivals, and theatres.

Your gifts and donations keep us alive and we thank you
for your generosity and that you care enough to give.


The Polish school

  • A van for transport our shows on tour
    (the current one is 17 years old)
  • Support for the school’s managing director
    for tours and the school
The Latvian school
has just been donated some space for training
and theatrical productions. The following items
are greatly needed to make the space useable:

  • Lighting instruments
  • Dimmer board
  • Power Pack
  • Ballet bar
  • Dance Floor