Perusal scripts are sent for a charge which is inclusive of postage and handling and is applicable in its entirety to the Performance License. All plays are copyright protected by BELLEHERST PRODUTIONS and can be performed only with the purchase of a PERFORMANCE LICENSE (Amateur or Professional).

Full length

Journey of a King

‘Journey of a King’ travels from the beginning of time to the resurrection of Christ, spanning the events of a people and their God which points to the evidence, every step of the way, of a planned incarnation—God’s very own son, Jesus Christ.

Of Fools and Lovers

Fools and lovers from the Greeks to Shakespeare gather to ponder their philosophy of love with a skillful blend of commedia dell’arte, storytelling and dance which answers the question; ’Do you have to be a fool to be a lover?’

Into My Father’s House

Into My Father’s House positions six famous women in Christian history juxtaposition to each other in scenes that dilate the consequences of the choices they made in order to serve God and present their gifts in the world: Katarina von Bora, Susana Wesley, Hannah Whithall-Smith, Catherine Booth, Fanny Crosby, Nell Sunday.

Candles in the Window

A fictional story based around the events and influence of the famed Lutheran theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The lives of two women, a patrician British widow and a Jewish exiled domestic servant are bankrupt and conceal dark secrets. The legacy of Bonhoeffer’s influence becomes the center of their conflict and transformation.

Available in German as Kerzen im Fenster.

God Laughed… No Joke!

Economic collapse and republican corruption beset Rome in 60AD. Thus, two newly baptized Greek slaves serving as pantomime servants in the house of Flavius Nerva, try to calm their master by performing a hysterical romp through the Bible stories to try to find the place where God laughed (having naively declared this to their Roman master).

Available in German as Gott Lachte… ohne Witz!

See Me! Hear Me!

‘See Me! Hear Me!’ puts human slavery on display through the stories of various international characters, making visible and audible through this multi-media drama, the unspeakable truth of human trafficking, which is nearer to each of us than we think.

The Passion

‘The Passion’ adapts the Gospel of John and of Matthew into a fast moving account of Jesus’ ministry years. It begins with His baptism and ends with the resurrection.

Encounter on Dome Rock

Four very unlikely people on a tour of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem are accidentally left behind to face a bizarre and abusive night together in the mosque as each one struggles with the disintegration of their conscience. Only a miracle from the Rock itself prevents a terrorist disaster.

And Something More

Adapted from Marie Chapian’s novel, ‘Of Whom the World is Not Worthy’, an enthralling love story unfolds in the horrors of former World War II Yugoslavia. A young peasant girl in the hills of Slovenia and a traveling evangelist thirty five years her senior are trapped in each other’s love with only their faith to make it through.

One acts

Katrina. The child saint of Kuldigas

This Latvian tale of Saint Katrina, patron saint of Kuldigas, is the moving story of a child’s life, faith and eventual martyrdom on the infamous Katherine wheel for trying to build a house of God so all may hear of His love.


The Lost Princess

This is a clever movement theatre piece adapted from George MacDonald’s fairy tale, ‘The Lost Princess’. It explores ‘out of control’ attitudes, mysterious abductions and amazing character transformation.

Journey to There – a musical story of woe and glory

The allegorical travels of little Miss Much Afraid out of the valley of Humiliation and away from the family of Fearings is a classic story of cutting off the past and pressing on toward the high places of God.

Katushka. Love belongs to those who will die for it

This charming musical story is based on the Biblical story told in I Kings concerning the conflict between two prostitutes over the true identity of the infant’s mother.

The I AM Giver

A mercurial tale performed with the life-size puppet heads of four whimsical animals; Sniffs, the no good dog, Gretchen, the awkward goose, Moni, the stupid cow and Axel, the ugly frog. They embark together on a hazardous journey to find the mysterious, Chief I AM Giver to replace the negative label which defines their identity.


Midsummer Night’s Dream for Young People

This delightful adaptation creates an encouraging access into the classic stories of Shakespeare using techniques of physical theatre and storytelling to move the tale quickly and hilariously to a climax in just 55 minutes.