Our Mission: To Educate, Ennoble

and Inspire through the dramatic arts

  • Develop mentoring programs for the youth which train excellence
    and challenge the moral imagination.
  • Address questions of faith in the market place and promote open dialogues
    within diverse family and cultural traditions.
  • Support the faith-based efforts to strengthen the moral culture of our communities
    with information and inspiration.

I am delighted to have Kathleen as a member of our drama faculty. She brings with her new challenges, new ideas and a marvelous sense of humor. She is a conscientious, innovative, dynamic individual. Her students are most fortunate to have, not only a well schooled and knowledgable instructor, but one who is caring and sincere. 

Clark Mires
Chair, Department of Drama
Grossmont University

Kathleen has a comprehensive knowledge of the body and its adaption to alignment and movement…She has a marvelous ability to communicate with people of all ages.

Theodore R. Brunson
A Mus.D. Professor of Music
San Diego State University

Kathleen is a remarkable lady, mainly because she represents all the excellent things which go into making up an artist and a teacher: dedication to the art and/or the craft, amazing intelligence in her chosen area, and a sincere concern with whom she works. She certainly reflects an inner strength, a loving attitude toward those with whom she works, and a joy and happiness as she shares her wealth of knowledge.

Dr. Jay E. Fields
Associate Professor
San Diego State University

Kathleen’s background is vast, particularly in the areas of acting and dance. .All of her work is characterized by dramatic sensitivity and a solid understanding of the material. She knows how to make strong acting choices and is dynamic and focused onstage. She is equally skilled as a dancer. Kathleen is also a promising playwright.

James C. Christian
Director MFA in Musical Theatre
San Diego State University

Kathleen is extremely gifted. Her skills in vocal production are related to body management and breathing. Kathleen has also been the model for body alignment and breathing techniques. Kathleen is exceptionally gifted in working with people. This quality is due, above all, to her beautiful spiritual character. 

Larra Browning Henderson
Adjunct Professor of Music
San Diego State University