Keeper of the Gift

KEEPER OF THE GIFT is the personal and and inspirational account of Kathleen Ann Thompson’s 25 year search to discover an effective method of assisting her international students in discovering and developing their individual talents, skills and abilities. Teaching theatre arts in a cross-cultural environment for the last two decades in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, China, U.S.A., South America and South Africa provoked Ms. Thompson to try to understand what universal principle governed effective development of their abilities.
Her desire to help each of her students achieve their individual goals in their chosen course of study led her to analyze ways of mentoring those skills more effectively by addressing the Gift from God in each person as a spearhead of motivation, energy and ability. She noted that if they could identify their Gift and stimulate it, the resulting level of successful development in the student’s course of study was greatly increased. Ms. Thompson uses excerpts from her own fascinating life’s journey and spiritual quest, as well a her base of teaching experiences around the world to give intimacy and authenticity to her premise that an over-arching Gift from God is resident in each individual. The book also aims at encouraging and advising mentors, the Keepers of the Gifts, in how to provide guidance, support and protection for those benefiting from their influence.

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Keeper Story DVD

Kathleen Ann Thompson’s 25 years as a teacher, director and theatre artist in an international environment has imparted some enlightening realizations about every person’s obligation to search out their own potentiality and develop it as a gift to be given into the world. The rewards of personal satisfaction and valued contribution to society are essential to every individual’s sense of well-being. The Story documents Kathleen’s personal journey; the vision she follows, the lives she changes, the rewards she experiences. Follow her inspiring journey through pictures, video clips and interviews as you observe a true ‘keeper of the gift’ in operation.

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