The Keeper Kamp

Children between the ages of six and eleven are in an active period of their lives forming personal character which will define their life-long development. Those years are the most propitious years in their development to form a character in consort with God’s Word which will enable them to walk out their God-given destiny and experience fulfillment. An overwhelming percentage of children are victims of negative self-imaging. It is the largest single stumbling block to their living a meaningful and fulfilling life from which the world will benefit. To this issue Belleherst offers to children between six and eleven years old the Keeper Kamp.

The Keeper Kamp maintains that God has gifted every child individually
with a unique difference capable of sign-posting their destiny in this world.


The gift developed through faith, self-discipline, courage and endurance will be successful in achieving its full and intended potential.
When a mature gift is given where it is needed, fulfillment is obtainable for every child.

For more information: www.keeperministry.com